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Johannes Röckelein
Höchstadter Str. 39
91325 Adelsdorf
Tel.: (09195) 3654
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We are pleased to welcome you on our website. Here we will inform you about our company and our diversity of activities. For questions please contact us.


Family business with passion

As a middle-franconian family business we stand for highest quality, dependability, flexibility and technical expertise. Because of the experience of the manufacturing of component parts and series made of plastic, steel, stainless shell and nonferrous metal we inspire our long lasting international and regional clients. With an individual consulting we develop your products close to the consumer and in a directly discussion with the employer. During this process we offer you a great diversity of activities as well as a complete processing of your order.


1986 Foundation of W+R Small-Component-Turnery by the proprietors Gerhard Winkler and Johannes Röckelein in a 20qm big cellar, located is Wiesenthau
1988 Move to Adelsdorf in a 30qm big garage
1990 Move again because of the continuing growing in a 50qm big double garage in Adelsdorf
1994 Change of proprietors from W+R Small-Component-Turnery to K+R metal machining by the proprietors Erwin Kunz and Johannes Röckelein and move again to Weppersdorf in a 90qm big rebuilt cowshed
1997 Building of a new production hall in Adelsdorf with a 220qm big production space
2010 Building of a second production hall in Adelsdorf with a 660qm big production area reforming from K+R metal machining to Röckelein metal machining